My name is Kim Hedegaard von Holstein-Rathlou and I was born in 1983.
I'm a freelance photographer in Boston with the Basic Course
in Photography from Media College Denmark.


I enjoy being creative with a camera, focussing intensely on the task at hand
while still finishing in a proper manner on time. I have a good eye for the motif
and can work fast and efficiently while keeping a cool head in stressful situations.
I'm an experienced user of Photoshop and have practical experience with studio lighting,
outdoor shoots and illumination of houses with flashlight and Speedlight flash.


I have previously worked as a freelance assistant and photographer in Denmark
and as a volunteer teacher of photo editing for senior citizens.


In my free time I enjoy taking (more) pictures, working with Photoshop,
attending soccer practice and matches, and spending time with my wife, friends, and family.